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Still Human 淪落人
By Oliver CHAN

French premiere

Comedy|Drama social |111 min|2018|VOSTFR

Starring: Crisel CONSUNJI, Anthony WONG

A paralyzed, hopeless Hong Konger meets his new Filipino domestic assistant. The two strangers live under the same roof through the seasons, and as they learn to live together, they also get to know each other. This award-winning film is a rare gem about racial issues in the city and is considered Hong Kong's .


Le 14 octobre (samedi) à 16h 

+ Rencontre avec l'actrice (Crisel CONSUNJI) sur la situation des actrices étrangères à Hong-Kong 

Focus Filmmaker – The cinematic universe of Mr. Anthony WONG 黃秋生回顧談

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M. Anthony WONG 

This focus on Mr. Anthony WONG (awarded "Best Actor" three times and "Best Supporting Actor" twice) looks at the evolution of his career and the wide variety of his acting styles over the past 40 years. Mr. Anthony WONG became famous in Hong Kong after playing the role of a perverted murderer in the cult films The Untold Story 八仙飯店之人肉叉燒包 and Ebola Syndrome. His remarkable yet completely different performances in The Beast Cops野獸刑警 and then in Infernal affairs無間道 brought him to the pinnacle of his career. Recently, his performance in Still Human confirmed his status as one of Hong Kong's finest art film actors and grandmasters of acting performance.

October 15 (Sunday) at 2 p.m.

€3 for entry without Ebola Syndrome or Still Human ticketsFree entry with Ebola Syndrome or Still Human tickets

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