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2nd Hong Kong Film Festival in Paris & Annecy

From October 12th to 17th, 2023, the CUBE successfully organized the 2nd edition of the Hong Kong Film Festival of Paris (FFHKP) at the Cinéma l’Epée de Bois in the 5th arrondissement. The FFHKP presented 5 feature films in their original version with French subtitles: The Sparring Partners (opening), My Prince Edward, The Narrow Road, Still Human, and Blue Island (closing), along with a retrospective of Ebola Syndrome in collaboration with the French distributor - Spectrum. In order to better present Hong Kong culture to the French audience, 4 post-screening debates with the presence of directors and a Hong Kong researcher (online) were organized. Additionally, in collaboration with the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français, the CUBE organized a competition for independent short films to preserve and promote the free creation of Hong Kong filmmakers. The FFHKP recorded approximately 68% (on average) of audience attendance with a demographic of 77% French, 11% Taiwanese, 9% Chinese, and 3% Hong Kong or other varied foreign audience. On October 15th, 2023, the CUBE organized a Master-Class session with the artist Mr. Anthony WONG (online) with the French audience in the 2nd arrondissement; around 40 people attended that day. From November 11th to 12th, 2023, the CUBE organized an extension of the FFHK in Annecy in collaboration with the Auditorium Seynod. 4 films were screened: The Sparring Partners, Infernal Affairs, Limbo, and Still Human.

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