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Opening Movie
Where the Wind Blows 風再起時

by Philip YUNG 翁子光

Starring : Tonny Chiu-wai LEUNG, Aaron KOWK | 2023 | Crime & Thriller | 119 mins | VOFT

The film begins in 1974 when the British government introduced political reform by establishing the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to combat bribery and corruption, which have strong roots within the Hong Kong police force. Inspired by the true events of four notorious Chinese-speaking "detectives" during the late 40s and early 70s, the film portrays these rare individuals who climbed through the social ladder in a society which prioritises the white people, among whom LUI Lok (Aaron KWOK) and LAM Kong (Tony LEUNG) were those who succeeded. After the great success of Port of Call (official selection of the 1st FFHKP) at the box office and at festivals in Asia, director Philip YUNG returns with his own style of "romanticism x neo-realism", in collaboration with Golden Horse Best Actor Aaron KWOK, international star Tony LEUNG, Hong Kong Academy Awards Best Actor Michael HUI, and stars such as TSE Kwan-ho, Michael CHOW, Louis CHEUNG, Elaine JIN. The history of corruption before 1974 also reminds us of the spirit of the rule of law when it was first implemented despite hardships in the metropolis; it underlies an aspiration of a Hong Kong that respects good virtues.


Back Home 七月返歸

de Nate Ki 謝家祺

Starring Anson KONG ,Bei Ling, Heung Wing | 2023 | Horror & Drama |102mins|VOFT

Synopsis: Heung Wing left Hong Kong for Canada long ago, hoping to escape his ability to see ghosts. When his mother's suicide attempt leaves her in a coma, he must return to the unstable place he once called home. Disturbing childhood memories flood his mind, and the tangible apparitions appear more frightening than ever. As Heung Wing witnesses more and more eerie happenings, he starts to question his own sanity while also suspecting a macabre conspiracy at work.


Light Never Goes Out 燈火闌珊

de Anastasia TSANG 曾憲寧

Starring: Sylvia CHANG, Simon YAM, Cecilia CHOI, Henick CHOU

2022 | Drama| 103mins | VOFT

Synopsis: Middle-aged widow Mei-heung has faced countless sleepless nights since her husband Bill's passing. Upon discovering a key among Bill’s possessions, she is led to his secret neon workshop and meets young apprentice Leo. Together, they embark on a journey to complete Bill's last project, as Mei-heung learns the delicate craft of neon light blowing. Her efforts to recreate a demolished neon sign with her own hands become a poignant homage to their shared past. As Mei-heung reflects on her life with Bill, she uncovers hidden fragments of his history, providing her with a bittersweet solace. Concurrently, her daughter Prism grapples with her own secret plans to leave Hong Kong, struggling to reveal them to her mother. As the mystery of the legendary neon sign unravels, Mei-heung is confronted with truths she had long avoided.

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Closing Movie
To Be Continued 尚未完場

by  Dora Choi et Haider Kikabhoy

2023 | Documentary | 80 mins | Cantonese and English with French subtitles

Synopsis: This documentary, co-directed by Dora Choi and Haider Kikabhoy, starts with the fight to preserve the former State Theatre in North Point (previously known as the Empire Theatre), and gradually uncovers the legendary life of its founder, Harry Odell. This entertainment tycoon, forgotten by history, brought world-class musicians to perform in Hong Kong as early as the 1950s, and had a profound impact on the development of arts and culture in Hong Kong. The fascinating process of re-discovering Odell’s life had surprising turns. The documentary traces the World War II years of Japanese occupation to the current occupant of Odell’s former residence, pop singer Hins Cheung. What came to the fore is the revival of Hong Kong’s cultural history during the early post-war years, a chapter that has faded from popular memory. This history shows that, long before the rise of a so-called ‘local identity’, the spirit of Hong Kong was already cosmopolitan, worldly, and adventurous. The narrative is nostalgic as it is spirited. ChatGPT Ce documentaire, co-réalisé par Dora Choi et Haider Kikabhoy, commence par la lutte pour préserver l'ancien State Theatre à North Point (auparavant connu sous le nom de Empire Theatre), et dévoile progressivement la vie légendaire de son fondateur, Harry Odell. Cet impresario de l'industrie du divertissement, oublié par l'histoire, a fait venir des musiciens de renommée mondiale pour se produire à Hong Kong dès les années 1950, et a eu un impact profond sur le développement des arts et de la culture à Hong Kong. Le processus fascinant de redécouverte de la vie d'Odell a connu des tournants surprenants. Le documentaire retrace les années de la Seconde Guerre mondiale sous l'occupation japonaise jusqu'à l'actuel occupant de l'ancienne résidence d'Odell, le chanteur pop Hins Cheung. Ce qui est apparu au grand jour, c'est la renaissance de l'histoire culturelle de Hong Kong pendant les premières années de l'après-guerre, un chapitre qui a disparu de la mémoire populaire. Cette histoire montre que, bien avant l'émergence d'une soi-disant « identité locale », l'esprit de Hong Kong était déjà cosmopolite, mondain et aventureux. La narration est aussi nostalgique que dynamique.

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