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3 ème Festival Du Film Hongkongais 
de Paris 


at L' Entrepôt Cinéma, Paris 75014 


This year, we have selected several of the latest Hong Kong movies never shown in France. Travel in time, immerse yourself in Hong Kong's colonial era and open your senses to this unfamiliar world of pain and suffering during the days of corruption and the gold rush, where opportunities were everywhere. Learn the past and understand the fears and aspirations of Hong Kongers towards the future. Take the ride to the cinema and join us on a journey through Hong Kong's history, collective memory and future projections.

Film List

More films will be announced. Stay tuned.

Stay Tuned!

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L'Entrepôt l Cinéma & Concerts

7 Rue Francis de Pressensé,14 ème Paris 

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