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2022 : AHKF (AfricaHongKongFrance)
1st Paris Hongkong Film Festival

23 June–2 July 2022

1st Paris Hongkong Film Festival

"Festival du film HongKongais de Paris" was an event organised by a non-governmental organisation –AHKF (AfricaHongKongFrance) (in collaboration with Le Comité pour la Liberté à Hong-Kong) in June 2022 at the independent art cinema L’épée de Bois, situated in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. The event was also organised in parallel with a political art exhibition, whose works were contributed by several famous Hong Kong artists (such as Kacey WONG and LAU Kwong Shing etc. The opening of the festival was "May You Stay Forever Young" by LAM Sum and Rex REN, with the other four official selections (including "Suk Suk" by Ray YEUNG, "Port of Call" by Philip YUNG as well as the documentaries "Taking Back the Legislative" and "Inside the Red Brick Wall"), while the closing film was "Hand-Rolled Cigarette" by Kelvin CHAN Kin-Long. Directors' talks via Zoom were organized during the screenings, while local speakers, such as Adrien GOMBEAUD (film critic), Jean-Philippe BEJA (sinologist), Laurent GAYER (researcher of SciPo), Julia CORNALBA (human rights defender) etc., were also invited to discuss with the audiences about the Hong Kong cinema, society and culture. The screening attendance (besides "Suk Suk") was over 80% in general, in which over half of the audience was the French public, with a mix of Chinese and Taiwanese audiences-base (around 30%) as well as audiences from the Hong Kong community (10%). Since the Festival Committee intended to promote Hong Kong Cinema to the French public as the principal objective, instead of merely serving the demand of the local Hong Kong community in Paris, the mentioned attendance results indicated a great success of the goal achievement. In 2023, the two former voluntary organisers, Lok Kan CHEUNG and Kenneth YEUNG decided to establish a new association – CUBE – to show images to the French public through "The Paris Hong Kong Film Festival". Since AHKF pioneered such doing, there has been a long negotiation between CUBE and AHKF. Fortunately, it was a great success; later, CUBE inherited the trademark of "The Paris Hong Kong Film Festival" under the consent of AHKF


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